Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What will I be able to sell as an affiliate of ReserveXL?

You will be able to generate commissions from the sale of any of our tour/activity products. You may offer all 12,000 products, or you may sell just one. For example, a travel web site may want to offer every tour and activity that we provide, while a hotel concierge may limit sales to tours and activities in that city.

2. How do I access the product information?

To access product information, simply access the web site for the area of interest to your customers.

3. How do I place orders?

To order, you simply login and access our online order form. You enter the city, specify the tour or activity, and enter your client’s information.

4. How will I know I've been accepted into the ReserveXL Affiliate Program?

You will receive email confirmation of your acceptance into the ReserveXL Affiliate Program. You will be assigned an ID Number, and you will then have full access to our system and will be ready to generate commissions.

5. Does it cost anything to join?

No. There is no initial or ongoing membership fee for the ReserveXL Affiliate Program. We provide you with the tools you need to generate commissions at no cost to you.

6. How do I know I'm earning fees when my customers book products through ReserveXL?

When you or your customers book ReserveXL products using the ReserveXL order form, ReserveXL is able to determine that the booking was generated by you due to a unique ID allocated at the time of your membership. You will enter this ID whenever you place an order, and this ID is automatically included in all bookings generated from your website when using our order form on your web site.

7. Can I see reports on booking activity?

You will receive access to online reporting on all ReserveXL booking activity, including customer name, ReserveXL reservation ID, total amount charged, tour/activity date, and number of passengers. (Booking data available online does not display any cancellations or changes that are made by customers after their initial booking. Both the final value and the number of bookings made will be provided with your commission.)

8. Can I be in any country and run the ReserveXL Affiliate Program?

Yes, you can be anywhere in the world and use the ReserveXL Affiliate Program.

9. Can I control the look and feel of my ReserveXL pages?

Yes, you may display your own logo and add your own navigation links. A special "Stylesheet" feature lets you change colors and other features, making your ReserveXL pages look more like your website. Other tools allow for further customization..

10. Can I control the products that appear in the searches, or on the feature pages?

You may select which Featured Tours & Activities pages appear on your website, but you may not select the product that appears on those pages.

11. What are my responsibilities as a ReserveXL Affiliate?

We hope you will generate a lot of business. Your only responsibility is to display and promote ReserveXL product as provided specifically to you without altering or manipulating the information provided.

12. What are ReserveXL's responsibilities?

ReserveXL will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize ReserveXL product bookings.

We will be the recipient of all email communication from customers using the email function available from the ReserveXL pages. We will also be the recipient of phone calls using the toll-free telephone numbers provided to customers.

We will process bookings and billings for all customers booking ReserveXL product through you.

We will respond to all technical issues and other inquiries.

13. I don't have a website. Can I still be a ReserveXL Affiliate?

Yes. You may simply login to our order form to place orders for your customers. You may use our web sites as your means of promotion. So, for example, concierges may simply refer their guests to our web pages, and the concierge can then make the reservation and earn the commission.

14. If I become a ReserveXL Affiliate, can I still participate in other affiliate programs?

Yes. We are a resource, and we do not seek any form of exclusivity.

15. Can I change my ReserveXL Affiliate information?

Yes. You have online access to change your information at any time.

16. How much and how often do I get paid?

ReserveXL will pay you a fee of at least 5% of the gross retail price (excluding taxes and fees) on all ReserveXL products sold through your website and used by your customers.

Fees will be paid within 30 days of the end of each calendar month by direct deposit or check in the same currency as the booking was transacted, for customers using the products during the calendar. However, if the fees due are less than US$100 in any calendar month, ReserveXL reserves the right to pay you only when the amount owing has reached US$100.

17. How can I keep track of the fees I've earned?

We provide access to data on your customers' bookings updated daily at an online administration area available exclusively to you. (Booking data available online does not display any cancellations or changes made by customers after their initial booking. Both the final value and the number of bookings made will be provided with your commission.)

18. Do I earn fees on bookings I make myself?

Yes. When you complete a booking with us through our order form, you earn the same fees on your booking that you would from a booking by one of your customers. Commission is earned based on the Reserve XL Affiliate ID entered on the order form.

19. What about cancellations?

If a customer cancels a reservation, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or credit card fraud, your account will be reversed for any fees earned or paid on that reservation.

20. Where should I place the links/product pages on my website?

Links to our travel products should be located close to any information your website displays about that city. The database search can be located anywhere on your web site. The more prominence you provide for the ReserveXL link the more likely you are to make sales. The positioning is up to you.

21. Do I need to check/update any links/products?

No. Links and products provided by ReserveXL draw directly from our real-time database, so you need not worry about outdated product.

22. How does my customer recognize the billing for the ReserveXL booking through me or my website?

ReserveXL bookings will be displayed on the customers' credit card statement as: "ReserveXL – Travel Services."

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