Alcatraz Media is ready to buy from you!

If your company offers tours, activities, tickets, attractions, entertainment, lodging, transportation, or any other travel product, Alcatraz Media would like to become your biggest customer!

Alcatraz Media is the largest tour/activity broker in North America. We currently purchase over 12,000 tours and activities from over 2,000 suppliers. We advertise extensively, operate a large call center to serve our customers, and we have a network of hundreds of web sites. Alcatraz serves hundreds of thousands of customers annually. We look forward to sending a lot of business to you!

These web pages provide complete information about our program. We have included Corporate Information to tell you more about us and how we operate. We have included a sheet that explains the Benefits to you of working with Alcatraz, and we have provided References. We have also provided the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions as well as Corporate Information. Our Supplier Agreement is enclosed as well as our New Supplier Information.

We look forward to buying a lot from you!

Get started today by signing up as a Supplier.

Once you have signed up and we have received your information, we will begin advertising your products to our customers, and we will begin buying from you!

Alcatraz needs the following from you:

  • Supplier Agreement
  • General Information – contact names and numbers, etc. – Please return the enclosed New Supplier Information Form.
  • Certificate of Insurance showing our various corporate entities as an Additional Insured
  • Net rates for each tour/activity
  • Detailed information about each tour/activity (prefer in Microsoft Word files, but we can pull this information from your web site, if needed)
  • Digital photos (prefer photos 400 pixels wide or larger and as many photos as possible; we can copy these from your web site, if needed)

Thank you for working with us, and please let us know whenever we can do anything for you.

For more information, please call Carolyn Ballard, Senior Business Development Manager at 866-620-3722, or email us using our Contact Form.

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