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Dealing with the administrative demands of a successful tour/activity business is tough. As a tour/activity operator, there are enough things to do in a given day without adding confusion and creating more work with a manual system or mediocre tour/activity management and reservations system. With ReserveXL, you will have the best system available!

If your business has experienced any of the following problems, we have a solution that will benefit your business:

* Inefficiency
Do you have to look too many places for information? Do you have too many systems? Do you have separate systems for reservations and operations? Reserve XL provides one system and one place for everything.

* Manual Systems
Do you have to maintain some of your systems manually? ReserveXL automates all aspects of the reservations system, giving you a unified system for reservations, operations, email, phone calls, faxes, reports, credit card processing, and more.

* Excessive incoming emails and telephone calls
Overloaded with inbound phone calls and emails? We understand. Using our ReserveXL system, it makes it simple to log incoming phone calls, emails, and internal memos in one easy-to-use interface that is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.

* Unorganized internal communication
Does your staff have an organized and effective way to communicate internally? If not, our solutions are perfect for you. We designed our ReserveXL software solution to eliminate the hassles surrounding unorganized communication.

* Excessive credit card transactions and administrative overhead
How many hours a day are you or your staff members spending on credit card transactions. If you are not instantly aware, chances are it consumes more time than you think. Let us assist your business with automation systems that will eliminate the need for data entry and manual transactions forever.

Product Features:

* Provide your staff with one integrated system for handling all dealings with customers from the time they make their reservations to an automatic thank you for your business note emailed after they return home.

* Automate your entire reservations process from credit card transactions to confirmation delivery. ReserveXL integrates with major credit card processing systems.

* Maintain complete information on all customers.

* Automate the processing and confirmation of reservations.

* Extensive search capability makes it easy to locate customer records – search by first name, last name, email address, phone number, reservation ID number, confirmation number, credit card number, and more.

* Fully-integrated system that maintains your web site as well as your inventory, prices, and much more.

* Complete credit card processing functions built-in. Charge, credit, refund, or void in seconds from within each customer’s record. Financial details are saved as part of each customer record for easy reference.

* All dealings with a customer are attached to the customer’s record – order information, notes of all dealings with the customer, copies of all emails sent to the customer, and more.

* Easily add, remove, and edit your tour/activity prices and information.

* Connect to your secure central tour database from any location at any time. Multiple logins and security levels provide you with complete control of this application.

* Email notification features allow your staff the ability to send or resend confirmation details with the click of a mouse to one or more email addresses.

* Allow your clients the ability to login and print tickets or vouchers.

* Easily edit reservations and track specific information like hotel pickup time/locations and any special tour requirements.

* Our time-stamping feature allows you to provide precise individual attention to each customer. This feature allows you to easily review specific customer situations.

* All customer emails flow into the system so any employee can review and handle email inquiries.

* Sales contact management system for maintaining a database of customers and prospective customers, managing sales efforts and promotion, scheduling follow-up calls, etc.

* Inventory system that automatically tracks availability by tour/activity and adjusts inventory as sales are generated and reflects sold out status and blocks acceptance of additional orders once sold out.

* Extensive report generation options.

* Security settings provide various levels of system access.

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