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1. What We Do: "Alcatraz" Media (and its affiliates) sells tours, tickets, activities, entertainment, transportation, hotels, and travel services. Alcatraz is the largest tour/activity broker in North America. We have purchased over 12,000 different tours and activities from over 2,000 suppliers. We promote tours and activities in almost every state with offerings in over 250 cities in North America and over 65 countries around the world. We advertise extensively, operate a large call center to serve our customers, and we have a network of over 2,000 web sites. Alcatraz served hundreds of thousands of customers last year.

2. Corporate Entities: Our corporate entities include Alcatraz Media, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Alcatraz Media, LLC, a California limited liability company, Everybody Loves Travel, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Take 5 Tours, Reserve 123, and their affiliates (referred to collectively as "Alcatraz.")

3. Address: Alcatraz Media, 8200 Roberts Drive, Suite 205, Atlanta, GA 30350, Phone: 678-320-2200, Fax: 770-393-8610. Alcatraz Media has offices in other cities, but the Atlanta office is the main office, call center, and accounting office.

4. Contacts:

5. Web Sites: There are over 2,000 web sites in the network that we use to promote our services. Our corporate web site is Our San Francisco tour operation web site (our first and largest tour office and operation) is Our and web sites show all the tours and activities that we offer in North America. Your company's services will be promoted on at least four of our web sites - the site for your country, your state/area, your city/major metropolitan area, and at least one tour type web site. (We have approximately 100 tour type web sites, such as,, and

6. Email: Our general email address for suppliers is You may reach any of our staff members by emailing (firstname) Our general email address for customers is

7. Call Center: Alcatraz operates a large call center in Atlanta. All customer inquiries are handled by our trained Reservations Agents in Atlanta. Reservations, order processing, and confirmations are also handled in Atlanta.

8. Accounting: Our accounting office is in our Atlanta location. Most of our suppliers send us a monthly invoice, and we pay by check. If you want a credit application, please fax your form to Janice Cullen at 770-393-8610. We do require a signed contract with our vendors, so please fax the signed contract to us at 770-393-8610. The primary contact for Accounts Payable is Janice Cullen --

8200 Roberts Drive, Suite 205 ** Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone: 678-320-2200 * Toll-Free: 800-208-4421 * Fax: 770-393-8610 *
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