What can Alcatraz do for Your Business?

1.    Alcatraz sells a lot of tours and activities, increasing the sales and profits of the companies that we sell for.  Suppliers work with us, because we make money for them!

2.    We reach visitors who many of our suppliers might never reach.  Some call it "found business."  We help fill their tours/activities with bookings they might not have had.  Alcatraz offers a very valuable marketing service since we have the ability to reach people coming to town that the tour/activity operator doesn't know about and most likely would not sell. Alcatraz has a huge database of previous customers who are proven buyers of vacation and leisure activities. Alcatraz reaches customers looking for one-stop shopping as they plan their vacations. We tend to reach customers who are planning in advance, rather than the visitors who have already reached their destination.

3    We spend advertising money that most of our suppliers don't have to spend.  We will spend millions of dollars in advertising this year.  This money is spent to get people who are interested in using the services provided by our suppliers to call us and visit our web sites and call or email us.  Few tour/activity operators have the kind of budget that we have for advertising.

We provide free advertising for the tour and activity operators who work with us .  At no charge, we put the tours and activities on our network of web sites.  Every tour will appear on at least four web sites, and some on as many as eight.  Each tour is on the country site, the state site, the city site, and the primary tour or activity type site.  Some tours fall into several tour type categories, and those tours and activities will appear on each applicable site.  So, we may reach someone planning a trip to the US, or planning a vacation in California, or planning a trip to Orlando, or who wants to take a train tour.  People think of their vacations in terms of country, state, city, or activity type, and we are there to serve them with the appropriate information based on WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT TO THE CUSTOMER!  It's one of the reasons we reach people who others would never reach.

And, we cross-promote .  Take a look at www.alcatraz.us, our first and biggest market.  Scroll down on the home page, and you will see that we promote Las Vegas, Hollywood and Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle.  These are all locations that we know visitors to San Francisco often visit as well.

Our network now consists of country sites, state and Canadian province/territory sites, city sites, tour type sites, and other special-interest sites.  That's a network of over 2,000 distinct web sites that are all networked together to enable the customer to find just exactly what they want.

4.    Our suppliers have the no cost benefit of our promotion to our extensive database of established tour and activity-taking customers.  We served 300,000 customers last year.

Every customer is in our database, and our customers are proven tour and activity-takers.  We promote to them on a regular basis so they will come back to us again and again.  We now use www.unitedtstatestours.us as a means to promote EVERYTHING that we offer to our US customer base, and we use www.Canada-Tours.net to promote all that we offer in Canada.  A link to the US and Canadian sites are on every confirmation email and every E-Ticket. 

So, we turn customers in San Francisco this year into customers at the Grand Canyon next year and customers in New York the following year.  This is something that a local tour/activity operator cannot do on their own.  As by far the largest tour and activity broker in North America, we are in a unique position to offer our tour and activity operators this exclusive benefit.

5.    One of the biggest benefits Alcatraz provides to our Suppliers is that the vast majority of our reservations are made in advance.  This is a BIG benefit to them.  It gives them a base of business before they usually begin getting reservations.

It varies by tour operator and market, but MOST of the tour/activity operators we deal with get bookings close-in from their own efforts.  Many get the vast majority of their business once visitors arrive in town.  But 95% of Alcatraz reservations are made in advance, sometimes as far as a year in advance.  We've never calculated the average lead time, but it could easily be a month. It depends on the needs of each tour/activity operator, but advance bookings are almost always welcomed and valuable.  It aids with planning and resource allocation. 

6.   Alcatraz normally pays by check, and we are the fastest payer in the country.  We almost always write checks the day the bill is received.  So, cash flow is fast with Alcatraz.  Bookkeeping is easy; rather than deal with many customers with many transactions, it's just Alcatraz.   No credit problems.  No chargebacks.  No hassles.  Limited staff time.  We can back this statement up with references from current Suppliers.

7.    Because we pay by check, the tour operator does not have to pay the approximately 3% fee that goes to their credit card services company .  This is real savings that is a real offset against the discount provided to us.

8.    We do the sales work, and we get all the details from the customer.  We maintain a large staff of people who receive the telephone and email inquiries and handle all the details.  We send the details to the tour/activity operators, and all they have to do is handle the delivery of the tour or activity.

9.    We are proven .  The company has been operating since 1999.  We represent over 2,000 tour and activity operators. We can provide wonderful references. 

10.  Alcatraz usually limits the number and types of companies we deal with in a market, so tour and activity operators often try to get an arrangement set with us before a competitor does.  In San Francisco, for example, we spent $2,000,000 with one tour bus operator and only $50,000 with another tour bus operator (as we choose only to sell what our primary tour bus operator does not offer).

Alcatraz enables our Suppliers to generate higher sales and more profit.

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