Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should our company sell to you? We will be an excellent customer for you! Please review the page titled “ What can Alcatraz do for Your Business?
  2. How do I get Alcatraz to start buying from our company? Just email or call, and let us know you want to get started. One of our Business Development Managers will handle the rest. Alcatraz will need the following from you:
    1. Supplier Agreement.
    2. General Information – contact names and numbers, etc. – Please return the enclosed New Supplier Information Form.
    3. Certificate of Insurance showing our various corporate entities as an Additional Insured – We have provided a pre-printed fax that you can simply address and send to your insurance agent, and they’ll handle the rest.
    4. Net wholesale rates for each tour/activity.
    5. Detailed information about each tour/activity (prefer in Microsoft Word files, but we can pull this information from your web site, if needed)
    6. Digital photos (prefer photos 400 pixels wide or larger and as many photos as possible; we can copy these from your web site, if needed)
  3. What is an acceptable net rate? Please provide us with the lowest net rates that you can provide. The larger the discount you provide, the more effective we can be for you. The net rates that we receive determine the level of marketing effort that we can provide.
  4. What types of photos would you like to receive from us? We encourage you to send us as many photos as possible, as we know that we sell more of those tours/activities that have good photos! For tours and activities, we need photos of the sites/destinations, inside and outside of tour/activity vehicle or building, and any other highlights. For shows, we need photos of the performance and cast, outside of building, lobby, and any other highlights. For attractions, we need photos of the attraction, outside/entrance, and any other highlights. For lodging, we need photos of the outside of the building, lobby, each of the room types, and any other special features or amenities. In all cases, photos of people enjoying the tour/activity excellent.

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