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What We Do

We buy from you and over 2,000 suppliers like you.

"Alcatraz" Media (and its affiliates) provides booking services for tours, tickets, activities, entertainment, transportation, hotels, and travel services. Alcatraz is the largest tour/activity broker in North America. We have purchased over 12,000 different tours and activities from over 2,000 suppliers. We promote tours and activities in every state with offerings in over 250 cities in North America, and in over 65 countries around the world. We advertise extensively, operate a large call center to serve our customers, and we have a network of over 2,000 web sites. Alcatraz serves hundreds of thousands of customers annually.

Our Suppliers

We work with an extremely diverse group of suppliers -- from one-person operations offering just one or two tours/activities -- to large multi-location corporations with many employees, offering dozens of tours/activities. We have purchased over 12,000 tours and activities from over 2,000 suppliers (and we add new tours/activities and suppliers regularly). The tours and activities that we purchase and sell to our customers include tours in a variety of vehicles, cruises, outdoor activities, shows, theme park tickets, limo rentals and bus charters, hotel rooms, and much more. We sell everything from tours of Alcatraz Island and cruises around the Statue of Liberty to scuba diving in the Florida Keys to snowmobiling in Canada to submarine tours in Hawaii to helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon to tickets to Universal Studios to more than 100 different musical shows in Branson, Missouri. Our suppliers provide all types of things for people to do while on vacation or enjoying their leisure time. We try to offer a variety of tours and activities in each market.

Our Marketing

We very effectively utilize our network of over 2,000 web sites to market tours and activities. We utilize our web sites to attract the attention of people when they are searching for what’s important to them! We use print advertising in travel and visitor publications, and we use rack cards in some markets. With a database of more than a million previous customers, we make very effective use of email promotion. Affiliate marketing is becoming a major part of our marketing efforts as travel agents and tour operators look to us for one-stop shopping for all types of tours and activities, and we pay them a commission for bringing the business to us.

Our Customers

We serve hundreds of thousands of customers annually. We promote worldwide. We offer tours and activities in almost every US state and Canadian province. A growing percentage of our customers are international. Our customers are as diverse as the world's population, but they are all similar in wanting convenience. Customers can contact us or make reservations with us 24 hours a day, every day of the year, either online or by telephone. We provide simple one-stop shopping for their vacation and leisure needs. Customers can plan and purchase all of their vacation needs from us.

Our Operating Procedures

We take orders by phone and online. We collect from the customer in full at the time they make their reservation. We immediately send the order to you. When you provide a confirmation to us, we then provide a link on our web site so the customer can print their E-Ticket from any computer with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. We also send the customer an email. The E-Ticket contains complete details about the tour/activity and their booking. The customer prints the E-Ticket (voucher) and presents it to you when they take their tour/activity. Please ask our customers to sign the voucher at the bottom of the page when they present it to you. This will help us with chargebacks. (The credit card companies allow customers to win chargebacks if a merchant does not have a signed imprinted credit card form or a signed form showing receipt of tickets/merchandise. The signed vouchers should help protect us against unscrupulous chargebacks.)

Customer Service

We strive to offer excellent customer service. Our customer service begins with our web sites. We endeavor to provide the answers to most questions customers ask in the descriptions that we provide for each tour and activity. Every page on our web site has two links that enable customers to email us with their questions and needs, and our toll-free telephone numbers are shown several times on each page. Reservations Agents are available by phone from 8 am to Midnight, almost every day of the year (only slightly restricted hours on major holidays). We have a large staff of well-trained Reservations Agents. We utilize an outstanding reservations system that Alcatraz Media developed, and each and every dealing with our customers is logged into our system -- phone calls, emails, faxes, and letters. Customers automatically receive a receipt email the second they place their order. Then when you provide the confirmation to us, the customer’s E-Ticket is automatically posted online and emailed to them. We send a follow-up email a few days before the tour/activity to make sure the customer has their E-Ticket (or knows how to retrieve it online), and we once again communicate the important information that they will need. Each customer is given toll-free numbers to reach our Reservations Agents as well as your local number and toll-free number, if they need to contact you. We promise our customers that their tour/activity will be confirmed as soon as possible, and we do so within minutes after we receive the confirmation from you.

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