Comments from some of the Suppliers that Alcatraz Media buys from…

“Alcatraz Media is by far our biggest client. Alcatraz Media has sent over $2 million in tour sales to my company. We give them our highest recommendation.”

Tower Tours, San Francisco – 415-345-8687

“I strongly recommend any company partner with Alcatraz Media. You will not be disappointed.”

William M. Kingsley, Gray Line – 800-695-1603

“Your ability to produce business over the Internet has been amazing to me.”

Christina Heath, Gray Line – 800-251-1864

We are a small company, and we are amazed at how much business Alcatraz Media sends to us. We give our highest recommendation to Alcatraz Media.”

Isabelle Cossart, Tours by Isabelle, New Orleans – 888-223-2093

“We have experienced an excellent working relationship for several years, and appreciate their business and professionalism. We highly recommend Alcatraz Media to any organization requiring their services.”

Trudi Vicedomini, Gray Line San Diego – 800-235-5393

“We are very happy with our business relationship with Alcatraz Media. Feel free to contact us for a personal recommendation.”

Jamie Williams, San Francisco Seaplane Tours, San Francisco – 415-332-4843

“Each and every one from Alcatraz Media has been courteous, professional, and enthusiastic. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to work with you. It’s a pleasure!”

Carole Stapleton, Across Arizona Tours, Phoenix – 602-233-1813

“Thank you and your organization for being so prompt in sending payment for our services. Your respect for us is giving us the freedom of going the extra mile to make sure your clients have the most pleasant experience in Los Angeles.”

Jean Marc Joubert, Oldies Car Tours, Los Angeles – 310-823-6312

“Thank you for all you have done to promote Gaylord Attractions and the Grand Ole Opry.”

Wayne Chandler, Gaylord Attractions, Nashville

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